Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Round 2

On Saturday 2nd May I attended round 2 of the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint. I arrived at the track just before lunch time which meant that I was in time for the practice sessions.



I had never been to the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint before so I was watching very carefully. I then walked up the pits to have a look at some of the drivers weapons. It’s A DRIFTlife’s Skyline’s were both looking spot on as usual thanks to their sponsor Shining Monkey UK.


The weather was starting to get better as qualifying approached us. Drivers started to line up ready to go out for their qualifying runs. James Moore’s S14A certainly looks the part on track and off.


Luke Woodham looked like he was very happy to be piloting his car again!


Qualifying then started, drivers were under the pressure now as they were being timed for their runs. Some drivers were playing it safe, keeping a good distance from the barrels.



With qualifying over and the drivers waiting for the results I took another walk up the pits. Justin Clarke’s S14A looked stunning. The S14A clearly is the car to use as most drivers had one.


It was then time for the top 16 finals. Dmitrij Sribnyj’s Subaru looked quick.


During the final, Luke Woodham made a mistake giving the other driver the win. However, Luke didn’t look too disappointed with 2nd place.


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